Our free Estate Planning presentations help you create a Better estate plan unique to you and your family, ensuring your loved ones are taken care of in the best possible way.

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We can now do any of these presentations by Zoom, either to your assembled group or to its individual members. Just let us know, and we’ll be happy to work together with you to make it happen.

Estate Planning Presentations

The following is a list of the presentations we offer. In addition to our longer and more comprehensive public presentations, we offer shorter ones geared toward meeting speaker time limitations for groups like civic, fraternal, service-based and religious-based clubs and organizations, groups of investors, and groups focused on dealing with particular health concerns.

The time shown for each presentation is approximate, and many of our presentations are offered in longer and shorter versions. If you find a topic of interest, but you need the presentation to be shorter (or longer) to meet your available time, let us know. We can usually adjust and personalize our presentations to best meet your needs and requirements.

All of our presentations are interactive, speaker-narrated slideshows – never “just someone lecturing.” We bring along all of our electronic equipment and do our own set-up. There’s nothing you need to do other than arrange the date, time and place, then sit back and enjoy!

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Better Estate Planning (Or “How to Avoid Those Bad Heir Days”) (45 or 25 min.):

This is our lively and informative presentation on why estate planning, done right, can be a joyous reaffirmation of life and a golden opportunity to help assure that you will provide for your loved ones in the best possible way. You’ll learn why “cookie cutter” forms are a sad mistake, and how you can do so much better. This presentation has made our founding attorney, Wes Coulson, a popular cruise ship guest enrichment lecturer.

Asset Preservation Planning: How to Survive Old Age With Your Life Savings In Tact (45 or 25 min.):

This presentation is for those who may already have an estate plan based on a living trust or will. It explains why those planning measures, while important and helpful, cannot assure your ability to leave an inheritance for your loved ones. We reveal the secret to getting the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will be able to accomplish that. Long-term care costs are far and away the single biggest threat to the ability of the average American to leave an inheritance for his or her loved ones. You can, if you choose, protect your life savings from that threat.

This is a great presentation for financial services professionals to build and enhance their relationship with their investors.

The ABCs of IRAs: How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes (25 min.):

IRAs (and things like 401(k), 403(b) and Keogh plans) are the foundation of most people’s retirement plans. But most people don’t know much about them, which can lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. This informative workshop will help you avoid those mistakes, and let you in on some planning secrets that can save your family tens of thousands of dollars in taxes on IRAs they inherit from you. This is another great presentation for financial services professionals.

Preserve, Provide, Protect: Planning for the 21st Century (60 min.):

This is our most recent workshop presentation. We talk about how changes in the tax laws, the uncertain state of the economy and retirement benefit programs, dramatic increases in long-term care costs, increased life expectancies, and stricter eligibility requirements for government benefits can impact you. We’ll explain why those considerations call for some basic changes in the way you plan for your and your family’s financial future. This may be the most important presentation you’ll ever attend!

Planning for a Loved One with Special Needs (60, 45 or 30 min.):

The way parents (and grandparents) plan and provide for their special needs children, both minor and adult, can make a tremendous difference in their lives. Done right, planning can help assure that a special needs family member will have every chance to lead the best possible life. But if mistakes are made, the unfortunate result can be the loss of eligibility for vital government assistance. This “nuts and bolts” workshop will teach you how to plan the right and best way, and open your eyes to new ideas. It’s a must for special needs families. We are pleased to cater this presentation to your special needs support group.

It’s Not Too Late: Hospice Legal Planning (25 min.):

This presentation is intended for hospice organizations and others who provide end-of-life care. It explains how to discuss the great benefit and need of end-of-life legal planning with patients. It will show you how you can provide great comfort to hospice patients by shifting some of the focus away from their dying to the opportunity they still have to make a difference in the lives of the loved ones they will leave behind – all while saving them money by avoiding probate. It’s information every hospice worker should be keenly aware of.

Special Estate Planning Considerations for Small Business Owners

For most small business owners, your business is, aside from family, the primary focus of your life. Not only is it your main source of income, in many cases it’s your most valuable asset. It is also an asset of unique character. The ongoing value of a business depends greatly on its being actively and capably managed. A lapse, even temporarily, upon your death or in the event of your incapacity can cause a substantial, even devastating, loss of value. It is a sad, but undeniable, fact that about two-thirds of all businesses fail to successfully navigate the transition from one generation of ownership to the next.

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