About Our Fees

Do we offer exceptional value? Yes. We pride ourselves in achieving excellent results for our clients. After learning about your situation, we will be happy to tell how much our fees will be.

The subject of our fees is one we know is important to you, and we want to be very up-front with you on the subject.

Estate planning, asset preservation planning, business succession planning, and special needs planning, when done correctly, are very personal and individualized processes. Your financial future, and that of your loved ones, will be directly and often dramatically impacted by how well the planning is done. No two clients, and therefore no two plans, are ever alike. Our work always involves much more than preparing documents. We need to partner with and guide you in seeing to it that your plan doesn’t just “look good on paper” – we need to, and we will, help to make sure that it “works in real life.”

In order to develop your plan, we need to first listen and learn – about your current circumstances, the health care challenges you may be facing now or in the future, your individual preferences, your family circumstances, your planning goals, and your financial situation. Doing so will enable us to determine how best we can help you, and how much and what types of work we will need to do to accomplish the help.

At the end of our first meeting, after we have learned about your situation, we will be happy to tell how much our fees will be. Most typically, our work is covered by a set fee. And, just as importantly, you’ll also know what you’re going to get for your money. At that point, you’ll decide whether or not you want to hire us. If the answer is no, you won’t owe us any fees.

Are we “the cheapest lawyers around?” No, and we don’t claim or try to be. After all, your family’s future is at stake. We don’t think it’s wise to “cut corners” under circumstances in which how well, and how thoroughly, the planning is done can have a financial impact that can far, far exceed the investment you make in the planning. When it comes to protecting your life savings, it’s really important to cover all the details.

Do we offer exceptional value? Yes, we promise that we do. We pride ourselves in achieving excellent results for our clients. We’re able to achieve that because we have a staff of dedicated and accomplished professionals. We are not a general practice firm. Estate planning and elder law are what we do, all we do, and we do them very well.

We believe it’s worth mentioning that most of the prospective clients who meet with us choose to hire us. We think that’s a good indication that, after people learn what our planning can help them to accomplish, and see that we have the knowledge, experience and confidence it takes to produce excellent results, they’re convinced that our fees are fair and reasonable, and that they represent a good value and investment. We think that when you meet with us, that’s how you will feel.

– Coulson Elder Law