Elder Law Minute: Providing for Pets in Estate Planning

For pet owners, there is a way to provide for your pets in your estate planning. The laws in Illinois and Missouri allow pet owners the opportunity to do so through a pet trust. A pet trust can enable you to make sure your pets are still cared for after you die.

Hi, I’m Wes Coulson and this is your Elder Law Minute. Like a lot of you listening to this today, I am very much an animal lover. In fact, I’m a little bit embarrassed to say that at my wedding reception, when my younger son was giving a toast, he informed my then-new bride that I would never love her as much as I do my pets. But that was OK. I didn’t love my kids as much as them either. That was a little bit of joke, but here is what is serious – a lot of us would like to take care of pets in our estate planning. The good news here is that the law in Illinois and Missouri gives you the opportunity to do that through something called a pet trust. So if you have pets and you want to make sure that they are still cared for after you die, mention that when you come in for your estate planning. That’s definitely something we can help you with. Thanks!